Hi! I’m George Parkins. I write reviews of songs and albums, past and present.

Some particular era or genre? Not as such. I believe truly great music is timeless and transcends genre. Look at Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin: it’d be misleading to call it a 1970’s hard rock album, wouldn’t it? That conjures images of undertalented, oversexed men mechanically turning out loud, dull three-chord songs about sex and cars (and sex in cars.)

That isn’t to say that Led Zeppelin didn’t write about sex and cars on Physical Graffiti. (Trampled Underfoot, anyone?) But they did so with skill and artistry, and they didn’t just write about sex. I’d say more of the songs on that album were about life and the human condition than about sex. (Some were about both, of course.) This is what I consider great music. I review great albums, and albums that were almost great, because why review truly bad albums?

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